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Oi2 Media Corp is in the process of launching the new Oi2 Media APP.  “Oi2” is an acronym that when pronounced in phonetically in Spanish it reads, “oidos” (“ears” in English depicting an audio-inclined user experience).  The Oi2 app is both a Mobile (iOS and Android) and IPTV enabled OTT content platform via an over-the-top TV app, as well as, encompassing its own TV hardware set-top box.   The app has two main menu functions.  These are mainly “Live” and “On Demand” content.  Under “Live” we have hundreds of live and linear radio channels of all kinds of genres and formats available in multiple languages (mainly: Spanish; English; Portuguese).   Live also consists of hundreds of free and paid TV channels for a supplement to wired CATV/DBS services.   On the On Demand side, we have literally thousands of current title and current season prime time TV shows from most major broadcast and cable television networks on an a-la-carte free and pay-per-view or purchase-to-own basis.  We also have a vast library of current title movies and radio shows on demand.

The app encompasses four distinct and relevant technologies that are integrated into an easy to experience user interface.  These are mainly:


Digital Video and Audio Programmatic Enabled Advertising Insertions associated with each live linear audio and video channels and/or on demand content. video-camera-icon


A unique sound technology that is designed to enhance the user audio experience in a customized fashion according to the audio abilities of each individual user. volume-up-icon-22967


Integration of virtual reality technology to enable maximized visual experiences creating personal 3D and iMAX-like experiences in relation to the content provide. cardboard


Inclusion of a technology called, “Oi2 CaraScan.”  This is an artificial intelligence human emotional response dashboard that is enabled by an algorithm that captures all forms of user reactions in respect to content engagement.  This tool may be used to conduct unbiased judging of talent, opinion polls, and honest reactions to TV, social media, and audio-visual content. sigma-snapshot

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